The Coconut Traveler believes in giving back to the earth. Generosity, caring, create a positive exchange.


Gifting, the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return.


Generosity, the quality of being kind.


Charity, the voluntary giving of help to those in need.


The Coconut Traveler and its clients embody the belief that GIVING offers support and comes from a place of caring. 

  • The gift of time volunteered to benefit a program

  • The gift of sharing your expertise and experience

  • The gift of resources to restore a fish pond or eradicate invasive resources


GIVING means different things to different people.

It’s an emotion.

It’s a sense of responsibility.

It’s paying it forward.


Scientists maintain that it’s even good for you, releasing endorphins in the brain that create that positive, feel-good feeling.


The Coconut Traveler creates experiences that forge relationships between kama’aina (people of the land), locals (residents), malihini (strangers and newcomers), and visitors. We share. We experience. We give back.


By carefully choosing our partners—including everyone from our private jet provider to biologists, environmentalists, and small, locally-owned businesses—we ensure every piece of your journey inspires you and sustains the local community, economy, and environment. 


Whether you choose to give your time or dollars (or both!), The Coconut Traveler works with you to find the most meaningful and appropriate venue for your generosity to this special place.


To tackle the effects of climate change, all of our itineraries include the price to offset carbon emissions resulting from the journey to Hawaii.  


Ask how The Coconut Traveler can align GIVING activities with your lifestyle and passion.

The Coconut Travelers believes in responsible tourism,giving back to our Earth

Tourism Declares supports tourism businesses, organizations, and individuals in declaring a climate emergency and taking action to reduce their carbon emissions.

Tourism declares Climate Emergency

In alignment with Tourism Declares, The Coconut Traveler is taking purposeful action to reduce their carbon emissions.