Kauai - 219

Kauai 219 at Hanalei Bay


Once the residence of Albert and Emma Wilcox, the home remains as the central structure upon the land. This classic home dates back to the 1800s, at which time it was a comparably modest structure of only three bedrooms. However, as the Wilcox family grew, so did the walls of elegant estate. Today, the main house is comprised of six bedrooms and six bathrooms, comfortably accommodating a total of twelve guests.

An expansive living room is the focal point with the home. Filled with antique furniture, the refurbished room reflects the opulent tastes of a late 19th century missionary lifestyle; this large central parlor is a living museum. The missionary came to do good and they did very well. 

Perhaps the most abundant feature of the main residence is its veranda. Twelve feet wide, it skirts the perimeter of the home. Within view of six waterfalls, one dropping 4,000 feet to the valley floor.

From the house you can walk directly across the two lane Weke Road to spectacular Hanalei Bay.  With the pier to your right and miles of white sand beach to your left, you'll feel you have arrived in paradise.  

Check In and Out:

Check-In:  3:00 PM

Check-Out:  11:00 AM