Oahu 308

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Oahu 308 is beachfront Kailua


This two story home offers five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms in a two story home right on spectacular Kailua Bay.  This home offers something for everyone.  Kailua Beach is consistently named one of the best beaches in the world.  Its three miles of baby soft sand, gentle waves and a sandy bottom.  Guests can easily take out kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and there's a soft surf spot for longboarding off to the left at Castles.

The neighborhood Hale Kai Surf and Racquet Club offers a swimming pool, tennis court, paddle tennis court, and a clubhouse steps from the home.

This home is ideal for getaways of any type.

Non-Confirming use permit number 90/TVU-0248

Washer & Dryer




Fully Equipped Kitchen 







14 max

5 Bedrooms

1 King

3 Queen

2 Full beds

2 Twins

1 Loft w Double

4 bathrooms

3,157 sq. ft.

Check In and Out:

Check-In:  3:00 PM

Check-Out:  11:00 AM