Philantourism is the act of choosing a holiday or experience in order to support a destination.  When you visit the islands and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, spectacular scenery, hiking trails, and marine life, you may be unaware that the islands are under attack. Invasive seaweed, vines, boar, ram, among others, have become part of the backdrop, but all are a danger to the islands’ fragile ecosystem.  

"The silent invasion of Hawaii by alien invasive species is the single greatest threat to Hawaii’s economy, natural environment, and the health and lifestyle of Hawaii’s people and visitors,” according to the Hawaii Invasive Species Council.

When you build an itinerary with The Coconut Traveler, we encourage you to give back to your island host community.  Beyond volunteer hours or dollars, we arrange deep dives with marine biologists, botanists, volcanologists, environmentalists, and culturalists and fees go directly to their programs to make a positive impact.

Align an activity with your lifestyle and passion. 


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