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Hawaii Spring Break


Support Hawaii's Award-winning Tall Ship Sailing program aboard a working, historical 96' sailing vessel

While contributing to the development of seamanship, navigation skills, teamwork, and leadership skills, you, your family, or small group friends can enjoy a half or full day on the water. You can even take her around the island of Oahu or between the islands for a profound educational experience or intense sailing adventure from two to 5 days.

If sailing is your passion, the depth of learning is unmatched in Hawaii as this program is offered aboard the only USCG Certified Sailing School Vessel in the islands. However, if you prefer to let someone else do the sailing, the crew will set the sails while you get an education in the history of the islands from our onboard historian.

Half or Full Day involves a complete learning experience in Kaneohe Bay with a historical overview of the ship, bay and island. Lunch is included with a stop along the sandbar.

Two to 5-Day Experiences begin on Oahu and can take you across the Kaiwi Channel to Molokai, onto Maui, Lanai, and beyond. Should this interest you, the program Executive Director will craft an itinerary unique to your goals and interests.

Imagine adding this one-of-a-kind, educational adventure to family experiences, girlfriend getaways, guys-only trips, and any sailing enthusiasts visit to the islands. Giving back to our community couldn't be more enjoyable.


Ancient Fishponds on all islands

Ancient Hawaiians were the first islanders in the Pacific to make use of ponds and fish farming. Hawaiians developed aquaculture to supplement their other fishing activities. Permanent fishponds guaranteed a food supply for the population in both rich and lean times. The ponds provided fish without requiring fishing expertise and weren't weather-dependent like fishing at sea. From fishpond to table, learn more.

Hawaiians built fishponds on Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, Maui, and Molokai with the highest concentration of ponds on Molokai. Hawaii island had the fewest ponds due to its rugged coastline and lack of reef and lagoons.

If you visit Oahu, you can join the He'eia community or we can arrange a private visit with the Executive Director and her team quietly restoring their ancestors' 800-year old fishpond. Kauai, Maui, Lanai and Molokai are deeply engaged in bringing back this ancient tradition.

The Coconut Traveler supports island partners who are at the top of sustainability and conservation providing unique opportunities which you can support whether it's through your time, finances, labor, or contributing expertise.


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