The Coconut Traveler is the leading bespoke travel company specializing in customized journeys that do good in the Hawaiian Islands.

Private Trips to Hawaii

Whether traveling long distances or island to island, the coconut takes root where it lands and organically becomes part of the scenery which is the inspiration for The Coconut Traveler.


Our services are driven by lifestyle and that begins with understanding yours. Once we get to know you, we will create authentic, local experiences that pique your interest, drive positive impact in the islands, and root you in the destination while endearing you to our community.


Our goals are to develop transformational itineraries, engage the most dynamic, local experts, and deliver uncompromised luxury in the Hawaiian Islands.  


How We Design Your Journey

You’ll share your DREAM

Send us your dates, give us a hint about your budget, choose an island or islands, share your dream trip, choose giving back opportunities that resonate with your style.

We'll create MAGIC

We’ll send a robust proposal and estimated budget, beautiful homes to choose from, activities and experiences that align, and enriching opportunities to give back.