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After more than three decades creating luxury experiences for the world’s most discerning travelers to the world’s most luring destinations, The Coconut Traveler founder Debbie Misajon brought that experience home to Hawaii. She grew up here—surfing at sunrise, swimming with turtles, hiking forgotten trails to swim in waterfalls, and restoring her soul on the beaches that defined her.


She knows these islands, and she knows they aren’t Waikiki puka shells and bad luau food. She knows the islands’ transformative power, and she believes that as its visitors, it’s our responsibility — our kuleana, as the Hawaiian language defines it — to leave this place better than we found it.


Now, The Coconut Traveler creates those unique experiences for visitors from around the world, travelers who understand luxury and appreciate the fragile nature of the destinations they explore. Whether the Galapagos Islands or the Himalayas of Bhutan, these travelers know that special destinations require a light step, a sense of reverence, and something left behind other than footprints.


When it’s time, we want you to know our Hawaii. Please be in touch. Together, we will create your unique adventure and explore how you can make a meaningful difference in these special islands.

Image of Debbie, Owner of The Coconut Traveler

Debbie Misajon’s career spanned several continents at many of the world’s most luxurious properties, from AMAN to the Four Seasons. A global citizen with island roots, German-Filipino ancestry, and an international career, Debbie is most at home walking barefoot on Kailua beach at sunrise.


Contact Debbie | +1-808-388-0696 | debbie@thecoconuttraveler.com

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"Kim is committed to excellence, practices discretion, is an outstanding problem solver and communicator. We couldn't have asked for more from a destination partner."

Whether it’s working with a corporate group, managing a one-time event, or curating the experience of a lifetime for an extended family, I’m passionate about providing world-class service and value to my clients.

Contact Kim | +1-808-870-4470 | kim@thecoconuttraveler.com

Image of Rachel Hansen, works with The Coconut Traveler

Rachel Hansen is our business sustainability consultant. She is particularly passionate about the concept of “shared value.”  That is, creating mutually beneficial relationships between businesses, workers, the environment, and community. Rachel loves spending time in the mountains and on the ocean beaches of her native Pacific Northwest.

Zoë Stone has a background growing up in China, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Taiwan. She graduated from high school in Honolulu and attended the University of San Francisco, where she studied Entrepreneurship, Business Management, Marketing, and Graphic Design. In 2020, Zoë founded Olina, a full-service design studio specializing in Social Media Management and Brand Development for conscious lifestyle, ethical, sustainable, and well-being-focused brands + entrepreneurs who want to change the world. She is currently our in-house Social Media Account Manager and Graphic Designer. 

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Born in Costa Rica, and raised in Guatemala, Fede is an enthusiast of technology and analytics. With studies in Industrial Engineer and an MBA, Fede has worked in different industries as a Business Analyst, but once he got to study photography, he discovered his passion. Fede is our Technology and Data Manager. 

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The Coconut Traveler appoints Hawaii travel veteran Kim Abrahamson as Senior Travel Designer
By Vicky Karantzavelou

For Public Relations inquiries, contact Greta Vanhersecke at GV Public Relations | T 917-751-5037 | E greta@gvpublicrelations.com

The Coconut Traveler is the Preferred Partner on-site in Hawaii for Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group, now Global Travel Collection, and several other luxury focused travel agencies.

Transformational Travel Council Logo

The Transformational Travel Council is aimed at changing the way we travel, but also how we live and behave with each other and the planet by providing a uniquely rich and accessible base of knowledge and wisdom for travelers and tourism. Choose depth over distance.

Kind Traveler Logo

Kind Traveler is the 1st Give + Get hotel booking and media platform that empowers travelers to positively impact the communities they visit.  The Coconut Traveler supports its ethos of giving a nominal nightly donation to local charities. If you're going to stay in a hotel, choosing a Kind Traveler partner hotel makes a difference.

Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii

We are delighted to support the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii initiatives through our corporate membership. STAH offers a certification program, Pono Traveler Program, and Education and Outreach Program, “Travel Pono,” encouraging positive impact.  The Coconut Traveler encourages you to join this forward thinking organization and support sustainable tourism in the Hawaiian Islands.

The logo for What 3 Words, company that has location services

The Coconut Traveler has selected to display What3Words for location maps vs the traditional address.  Like many destinations in the world, Hawaii addresses can be difficult to find, signs go missing, vines cover numbers, plus we use a lot of vowels. To solve this, we’ve taken to the innovative, three-word address system of What3Words which pinpoints the precise location of your villa, guide meeting spot, trailhead starting point, and much more.  

What3Words divided the world into trillions of 3 x 3 meter squares and assigned each one a unique three-word address. It’s far more accurate than the number and street name system. And it means everyone and everywhere now has an address. Click the link on the villa page to see the exact location of the property. It even works with Google Maps and Waze.



Rates are quoted on a nightly basis. Properties with a valid Transient Vacation Unit (TVU) license may be rented on a nightly basis. Properties that do not hold a TVU license for a short-term rental will be made exclusively available to one party during a consecutive 30-day period. Rent quoted and reservation agreement will reflect the 30-day period; however, occupancy for the entire duration is not required.

Rates do not include Hawaii Transient Accommodations Tax (13.25%), General Excise Tax (4.712%), arrival cleaning fee, or refundable security fee. The refundable security fee will be held in the non-interest bearing, client trust account of The Coconut Traveler or that of the real estate property management company. In lieu of a refundable security fee, you may be offered a non-refundable, insurance policy payment. Should you choose to pay your invoices with a credit card, the Stripe processing fee is non-refundable.

We charge a Responsible Tourism fee, added to all itineraries and vacation rentals. Using the globally accepted carbon output average per person per year of 29 mT, the number of travelers, numbers of days in the Hawaiian Islands, and airport origination, we collect and disperse this fee to local organizations that align with our commitment to having a positive impact on our environment and community. Should you like to make an additional donation, we would be delighted to guide you to a number of great organizations.