The Coconut Traveler is the leading luxury on-site in the Hawaiian Islands specializing in bespoke journeys.  We're driven by the belief that travel can equally benefit the community, destination, and traveler.  The goals of The Coconut Traveler are to create positive change, design exceptional itineraries, engage the most dynamic experts, and deliver uncompromising luxury in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Debbie Misajon is the Founder of The Coconut Traveler, prior to launching the company, she worked for over thirty years in global sales and marketing at some of the travel industry’s most renowned hotel brands, including AMAN, Four Seasons, Leading Hotels of the World, Hilton International, and Hilton Hotels Corporation. She has developed and launched innovative experiences including the Aman Jet Journeys.  She's currently on the Advisory of Kind Traveler and a Global Ambassador to The Transformational Travel Council.  


Debbie's island roots and European heritage combined with an international career have made her a global citizen.  She's equally comfortable in Beverly Hills, Bhutan, and Berlin.  She currently lives on Oahu, Hawaii with her son. 

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As Senior Partner at The Coconut Traveler, Martha Morningstar is in charge of executing the company’s business plans and strategies as well as overseeing administrative and day-to-day functions. Morningstar is a luxury hospitality veteran, with over 25 years of experience supporting organizations with the implementation of innovative sales plans and marketing opportunities. Her experience in luxury products stems from her work as consultant and founder of M² Consulting and Travel, collaborating with international hotel clients, including SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and The Resort at Pedregal. Morningstar is based in Oregon, has two children, and enjoys cooking and outside activities.

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The Coconut Traveler is the Preferred Partner On-site in Hawaii for Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group, now Global Travel Collection.


The Transformational Travel Council is aimed at changing the way we travel, but also how we live and behave with each other and the planet by providing a uniquely rich and accessible base of knowledge and wisdom for travelers and tourism.


Kind Traveler is the 1st Give + Get hotel booking and media platform that empowers travelers to positively impact the communities they visit. 

The Coconut Traveler has selected to display What3Words for location maps vs the traditional address.  Like many destinations in the world, Hawaii addresses can be difficult to find, signs go missing, vines cover numbers, plus we use a lot of vowels.  So, we’ve taken to the innovative, three-word address system of What3Words which pinpoints the precise location of your villa, guide meeting spot, trailhead starting point, and much more.  

What3Words divided the world into trillions of 3 x 3 meter squares and assigned each one a unique three word address.  It’s far more accurate than the number and street name system. And it means everyone and everywhere now has an address.  Click the link on the villa page to see the exact location of the property.  It even works with Google Maps and Waze.


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