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8 inspiring DAYS ON OAHU


Our carefully crafted adventure holiday on Oahu will wow you, push the envelope, and open your eyes to regenerative travel opportunities while supporting the environment, community, and economy. Choosing from a stylish selection of Hawaiian luxury villas or resorts, we can advise on those that perfectly suit your family’s make-up and interests. Get ready to discover the Hawaii you have always dreamed of. From private charter boat trips to swimming with turtles to paddling with a Hawaiian outrigger canoe steersmen legend, we have nature and culture covered -  both in style and both inspiring.

Responsible tourism in Hawaii is at the heart of everything we do. For that reason, each of your Hawaii adventures supports an important local leader of conservation and social responsibility in the islands. This trip impacts multiple organizations.

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Arrival and Day at Leisure


Choose from an elegant private, ocean-side home, a newly reimagined luxury hotel, or from a variety of beautiful accommodations.

Visit Diamond Head and dive or snorkel in Oahu


Supports local turtle adoption program.

On your second day, you'll board an elegant yacht for a private charter. You'll set sail from Honolulu towards Diamond Head taking in the south shore before anchoring. You'll have plenty of time to snorkel and dive in an area we call Turtle Canyon where you'll discover an array of wildlife. Lunch will be served aboard before returning. Mornings are preferred for conditions, but there's nothing like a sunset in the islands.

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Supports a local canoe paddling organization.

On day 3, your Guide will meet you before the sun rises, and together you'll head to the historic Makapu’u Lighthouse at the island's southeasternmost point to meet the sunrise over the horizon. In season, you'll scan the Pacific and Kaiwi Channel for breaching whales. Then you'll take a short drive to the town of Lanikai where you'll be met by one of the world's most awarded steersman of Hawaiian outrigger canoes before heading out to the twin islands in the distance. Giving a few extra strong paddles, you'll be catching waves with the 400+ pound canoe. Bring the canoe ashore before heading around the island by foot to enjoy the Queen's Bath, a natural pool carved from the lava. For more adventure, continue hiking around to the back of the island to Shark's Cove. Weather and tide permitting, you can jump in if you dare. Paddle back to the Oahu for a well-earned meal and perhaps, ice-cold beer at Buzz's Steakhouse, a must-do local dining experience.

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Supports a local organization that holds clean-ups on Oahu.

On day 4, following breakfast, your car and driver will meet you curbside to head to the windward side of the island where you'll be met by our Guide, also a lifeguard. Kayaks or Standup Paddleboards will be the mode of transportation to an outlying island. Around the back of the island, you'll enjoy a sweet little cove for swimming. Hiking to the top of the island will offer outstanding Ko'olau Mountain Range vistas. Hike down the island before paddling back to Oahu. Stop for lunch for classic and wholly authentic Hawaiian food.

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Supports a local foundation creating opportunities teens and adults.

On the morning of day 5, you'll circle the island by private helicopter sneaking into valleys only accessible by air, taking a bird's eye view of the lay of the land. A cliffside landing will allow ample time for a champagne toast before you take off again. You'll pass over a spectacular bay, the site of your afternoon adventure. From the helipad to the only Tall Ship in Hawaii, this one-of-a-kind experience takes you to an eastside bay to both learn the history of the area and how to sail this 65-ton vessel. Your Captain and crew will share the secrets of sailing. When you're ready, the crew will lower a smaller boat into the water or you can kayak or paddleboard yourself. Do a bit of everything or grab a chair and marvel at this massive sandbar and beautiful mountain backdrop. Choose to sail during the afternoon when the light coming over the Ko'olau mountain range will leave you in awe.



Supports research and education of sharks in the environment.

On the morning of day 6, you'll swim with sharks alongside a world-renown environmentalist on the North Shore of Oahu who's bringing attention to the plight of marine life and specifically sharks. You'll not only learn while out on the water but contribute to an important global issue facing the world's largest predator. Whether you snorkel, dive, or watch from the boat, this author, marine conservationist, and scientist will change your views on sharks and their needs in an ever-changing environment. In the afternoon of day 6, you'll take a horse trail ride on a private ranch with ocean views. Your guide will lead you and your horses to a spot where you'll dismount and take a moment to plant a tree for future generations. Keep the GPS coordinates for future visits to check on your tree for decades to come.

Visit the beautiful beaches of Oahu, enjoy your day


This one supports you.

Meet your Guide curbside, grab a longboard off the van, and head across the street to the nearest Waikiki break and learn how to surf. Paddle out with our trained instructor who will have a photographer by his side to snap that epic Diamond Head surfer shot you'll treasure forever.

Beautiful view of Oahu, thank you for visiting



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