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Guided Hiking Hawaii



Whether you're a serial hiker with all the gear and no fear or prefer a paved road to push a stroller, guided hiking in Hawaii offers everything from wild adventure to peaceful meditation. With our guides by your side, you won't miss a step. Please find a few of our very favorite hikes.



.This trail leads you to the top of the Ko'olau Mountain range, gaining 2585 feet in elevation. Rather than taking the illegal Stairway to Heaven, you can start your journey from the Honolulu area.

The first hour is a walk through a relatively flat section with a few leaps over streams. Then you begin to head up, passing through a dense forest which brings you to the open ridge line. Several times, you'll find yourself at the base of a steep section with only a dangling rope to hoist yourself to its peak. After several hours and numerous narrow paths, you'll come to the front of the Ko'olau mountains. This is not for the faint of heart. Our guides will lead the way, carry gloves, spikes, and other items you'll need to make this epic, all day journey.

If you are a hiker and enjoy the fear factor, this is a hike you won't soon forget.



To reach the Hanakapi`ai falls, you'll set out from the trailhead at the end of the road west of Hanalei. A lookout marks the half-mile point and you walk along the trail for 2 miles until you reach the stream crossing. It’s a magical hike offering stunning panoramic views of the Na Pali coastline.

Once you reach the crossing you can relax on the secluded beach and rest in the shade of the old ironwood trees before you start turning inland. It is another 2 miles to the falls, with a 760’ elevation gain as you ascend through mountain apple trees, native forests, and groves of bamboo. You will cross the stream several times, so be prepared to get wet and muddy. The reward for your hard work is breathtaking views from the base of the falls and a refreshing dip in pool at the base of vertical cliffs and old-growth forest. Your guide will bring saplings to plant along the way for the future of the many native birds living in the region. This is another not to be missed hike.



Located on the most northern point of West Maui, the one mile Nakalele Point trail starts at mile marker 38.5 is the main trail.

It’s a slightly tricky hike down a rugged cliff trail for Pacific Ocean views, but you get to one of the seven of Hawaii’s natural blowholes. The path leads to the ocean with fascinating rock formations and Hawaiian wild flowers. Throughout this moderate hike, there are dramatic views of the blue Pacific Ocean and West Maui’s gorgeous coastline.

Nakalele Point is about 8-miles north of Kapalua. There are a few different paths to explore, but our guides will assess which you’re best suited for and lead you to the blowhole. Join us!



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