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Hawaii Opens October 15th


After eight months, our Governor says we're re-opening on October 15th. However, you must have a COVID test with a negative result within 72-hours of arrival. While we begin the process of re-opening and re-discovering restaurants, boutiques, and villas, the urgency to secure accommodations is in full swing. We hope to help you find your perfect home in the islands and develop an itinerary that will create a love for the islands.


Conservation + Preservation

Positive exchange is at the heart of what we do. Whether that's through sustainable, philanthropic, or regenerative opportunities, we find that guests become better aligned with community values and more engaged in the islands by interacting with our local partners.

Caring for Hawaii is made possible by the hands of many volunteers and forward-thinking guests. From our relationships with local farmers for pre-arrival provisions, a Captain whose fee for learning to sail a one-of-a-kind, historic tall ship and enjoying the spectacular Kaneohe sandbar provides funding for an onboard program for at-risk youth, to an experience with a shark behavior expert that continues her research, The Coconut Traveler is focused on tourism as a benefit to the community, environment, and local economy.


Private Guided Experiences

We love our guides and they love what they do; often we envy them! The pandemic wasn't kind to Hawaii visitors, but we watched as many guides packed up their families, headed for the mountains and ocean, and never stopped seeking out new ways to enjoy the islands. Whether you want to learn how to paddle an outrigger canoe, find the bamboo forest, or forest-bathe in it, or challenge yourself on a day hike, we have guides for every interest and ability level.


COVID-19: Current travel information may be found in the links below.

Currently, a 14-day quarantine is mandatory for those arriving into the State of Hawai‘i. Beginning October 15, 2020, travelers may be exempt from the quarantine by taking a COVID-19 test with results showing negative, no more than 72-hours prior to their flight. The mandatory quarantine will remain in place for those who choose to not take a pre-travel test. Those traveling into Hawaii should consult with authorities about state requirements by county and restrictions on activity:

Without the pre-arrival, negative test result, public beaches and places in Hawaii are strictly off-limits during 14-day quarantine periods.


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