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Spotlight Oahu 2021


The Renewal of Spring and

Lazy Days of Summer will soon be upon us.

Where and how will you spend them?

The Coconut Traveler hope is that you can find the time this Spring or Summer to step away and realign with your family, main squeeze, or inner circle. Like you, we in Hawaii are making the slow shift to the next normal. Kauai recently imposed a 3-day quarantine in a "bubble hotel." Maui now has a mandatory contact tracing program. The other islands continue to require a pre-arrival, negative Covid test result as outlined in the Hawaii Safe Travel program.

As policies and practices shift, we predict that there will be a shift to simplicity in travel to the Hawaiian Islands. We're imagining that guests will settle on a single island rather than trying to manage inter-island travel requirements. Rather than see every island, we suspect guests will opt for long walks on the same beach each morning to take in the subtle nuances of sunrise, keep rented bicycles nearby to hit the farmer's market early, and live more locally while keeping their footprint low.


Spotlight on Oahu, the Gathering Place

A non-stop from just about anywhere lands in Honolulu on the Island of Oahu, the Gathering Place. Founder, Debbie Misajon, grew up on the North Shore of Oahu and raised her three children on the East Shore. What she loves about Oahu are its diversification and ease. She loved bicycling around her little town to the market, taking the kids on hikes to waterfalls, and walking through one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the state. Teaching her children to longboard on the east side's pristine, sand bottom surf spots, but having Waikiki for nightlife and Chinatown for craft cocktails and hip eateries within a 25-minute drive for adulting were ideal. On Oahu, you can watch world-class equestrian polo within minutes of the world's most revered surf breaks in the world. The variety of museums, historical sites, the country's only palace, and the largest collection of Islamic artwork in the region are just a few places unique to Oahu. Below are a few of Debbie's favorite homes and several just added to The Coconut Traveler.

Sometimes you just need to change your view. But if you also need a pristine, private beach behind a gate, a couple of kayaks to venture to outlying islands, an east-facing patio to do yoga as the sun rises over the horizon, and a nearby hike to historic World War II pillboxes, then check out Oahu 336. This 5-bedroom sleeps 10 comfortably. From $16,275++ per week.

Ask about the sister-properties behind the same gate: Oahu 333 a 9-bedroom at $32,825++ per week; Oahu 334 a 6-bedroom at $18,825++ per week, Oahu 335 a 3-bedroom at $13,575++ per week, Oahu 338 a 4-bedroom at $18,825++ per week.

These are new homes to The Coconut Traveler collection.


Should your extended family be hankering to spend time together, then you have to book this property. This enormous home encompasses a total of three-stories complete with a swimming pool with a water slide, beachfront location, outdoor shower, pool table, exercise equipment, sauna, multiple dining areas, an elevator, and even a private 3-bedroom wing with its own living and dining rooms. Oahu 322 offers 9-bedrooms comfortably sleeping 20 guests. If space is luxury, then you've arrived. From $35,450++ per week. New property to The Coconut Traveler.


If the past year got you thinking that a couple of weeks or even a month away is exactly what the whole family needs, then look no further than Oahu 313. This beachfront family home sits in the middle of Kailua Bay; a mile and a half of white sand beach in either direction and a surf spot on either side. Well equipped for traveling with parents or a sibling that might need a separate master, living room, and kitchen, this elegant 4-bedroom home can comfortably sleep 8 guests. With rented kayaks, surfboards, and standup paddleboards in the yard, you'll have plenty to do. Morning walks to the local coffee shop, taking in the sunrise will become a ritual. Rented bikes for jaunts to the farmer's market, Whole Foods, cafes, boutiques, and galleries will make you fall in love with this charming beachside community. From $52,500++ per week and discounts for longer stays; come home.

New home completed in late 2020.


Get ready to see absolutely no one. How does a home at the end of the road, no neighbors, just you, the family, and snorkel gear, or a standup paddleboard sound? Have a look at Oahu 327 with 4-bedrooms comfortably sleeping 8 guests; it's in Honolulu near restaurants, boutiques, cafes, and even Waikiki, but remote, quiet, and calming. If you need some space, then welcome home. From $26,250++ per week.


Browse 100+ Vacation Homes Across the Hawaiian Islands

Visit our ACCOMMODATIONS page and find a property that makes sense for you. We have vetted villas and residences on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii.


If you prefer to make plans when the mood strikes, you can select from vetted activities providers on our EXPERIENCE page. Click the Book your own Adventure button to confirm what you want to do, when you want to do it.


GIVING encompasses many things: Gifting, the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return; generosity, the quality of being kind; charity, the voluntary giving of help to those in need. Ask about our philanthropic activities and experiences or visit our GIVING page.


The Governor's guidelines are in place and working well to protect locals and visitors alike, giving you peace of mind when traveling to Hawaii. Here are the guidelines, testing partners, and testing platform. We look forward to welcoming you to Hawaii with a pre-arrival, negative Covid test. Aloha.


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