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Stargazing, Wellness, Getaways, and Adrenaline


Astrotourism and Stargazing

With a single flight, you spend the evening enjoying some of the world's best stargazing. From the slopes of Maui's Haleakala Kalahaku Point to Hawaii's Volcano National Park to nearly anywhere on Kauai, given the island's commitment to reduce nighttime light pollution to protect the island's endangered seabirds, the Hawaiian Islands offer spectacular stargazing. And, The Coconut Traveler collaborates with observatories for unique insider visits, scientists for deep dive experiences, enthusiasts for group experiences, and so much more.


Wellness Getaways

Whether your goal is a sugar detox or sleep performance improvement, a cleanse and detox or meditation immersion, The Coconut Traveler advisors and therapists are ready to work with you. For women's retreats, groups of men, couples or individuals, we have the experienced professionals to manage your stay from pre-arrival to post-departure and every moment in between. Come as you are, leave refreshed.

Come to the wellness retreat


Calling all Adrenaline Junkies

If you're seeking adventures such as skydiving, helicopter touring, 4000' long ziplines, hiking across sides of cliffs, night diving with giant manta rays, blasting through stream beds in an ATV, driving off-road or any other rush, The Coconut Traveler has your adrenaline rush.


Grand Getaways

Our team will meet grandparents and their tribe on the tarmac or arriving gate to grab little hands and carry backpacks and carry-ons.

The Coconut Traveler offers homes on all islands that sleep up to 18 so all the generations can sleep under one roof, professional surfers, captains and private boats for snorkeling and whale watching, and Hawaiian legend storytellers to surprise and delight. Let us plan your next grandparents and grandchildren's or multigenerational trip to the Hawaiian Islands.


Philantourism and Giving Back

Enjoying the islands' national botanical gardens takes on new meaning when a local biologist spends the day with you and you lend a hand in the greenhouse. The Coconut Traveler makes arrangements that combines a two night stay in Haleakala crater to learn geology, mythology, history of this unique National Park coupled with an opportunity to give back on the second day. Spend the day with an Executive Director of a program protecting the endangered Nene Goose. Take a shelter dog to the beach or hiking or share your time with a historical society team who could use an extra pair of hands or your fundraising expertise.

We support island partners who are at the top of sustainability and conservation providing unique opportunities which you can support whether it's through your time, finances, labor, or sharing expertise contribution.


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