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We've re-opened. Welcome back. E komo mai.

Hawaii has re-opened. We're looking forward to welcoming our guests to the islands. However, there are specific guidelines in place which you'll find on the Governor's website here. A list of our testing partners is here. And you'll find the testing platform here. Should you arrive without a pre-test with negative results, then you'll be subject to the 14-day quarantine. After 8-months of quiet, shifting spring break and summer vacations into the Festive period and beyond, please find the homes that remain available for the holidays below.


Conservation + Preservation

The Coconut Traveler is focused on tourism as a benefit to the community, environment, and local economy. If you're splurging on a charter helicopter to reach inaccessible waterfalls, surprise the love of your life and pop the question, or simply to enjoy the freedom only chartered flights offer, please ask about our carbon offset program.

Positive exchange is at the heart of what we do. Whether that's through sustainable, philanthropic, or regenerative opportunities, we find that guests are more engaged and better aligned with community values when they understand our home.


Private Guided Experiences

The hashtag #sunrise is used 70.5 million times in posts, that's about a quarter as often as #sunset used in 264 million posts. For some, that's a vacation opportunity. If you're a morning person or affected by travel and time zone changes, we can arrange a guide to lead you on an early morning, unforgettable experience. Enjoy the peace, watch the sun come over the horizon, and treat yourself to the blissful quiet of morning in the islands. If you're adventurous, you might enjoy paddling out on a standup paddleboard, a one-man canoe (OC-1), or a Hawaiian outrigger canoe. If you prefer being on land, would shoreline fishing pique your interest? No boat, no gas, no noise, just you, our guide, and quiet casting.

Let us show you the islands, our guides are ready to explore with you.


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